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Optimum Health Vitamins is a leading provider of supplements and natural health products. Since 1993 our passion has been, and remains, to effectively communicate an understanding of how much can be achieved with a natural approach to health by combining a scientific approach to physiology and biochemistry, as it relates to nutrition and plant chemistry, with a knowledge of what works in the “real “ world. Each of the body’s tissues is made of, functions on, and is affected by specific nutrients and phytochemicals. At Optimum Health we are dedicated to producing desired results using our extensive knowledge of these relationships, along with models of stress, immune function, inflammation, pH levels, energy production, and mitochondrial function. We are known for providing advanced health information, often years ahead of when it appears in the media, or even mainstream scientific circles.

It is these understandings that have spawned our own OPTIMUM HEALTH VITAMINS® line of more than 70 dietary supplements. We use only the highest quality ingredients, produced under strict Good Manufacturing Practices and testing, to produce cutting-edge products that fulfill specific needs. We are driven by results, and our products are scrutinized and carefully vetted for their effectiveness. Our immediate goal is to help our customers enjoy personal health: i.e., to look good, feel great, and perform better with more energy and enthusiasm for life. Our broader goal is anti-aging...i.e., to maintain our customer’s youthful function in peak form as their chronological age progresses.

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