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Opti-Joint - Arthritis & Joint Support

I began taking Opti Joint, Opti AI Extra & grapeseed extract within a day of a high grade partial tear injury to my ACL. About 5 weeks later I saw a sports injury specialist who was amazed at the progress I was making in healing based on the damage that was shown on the MRI and the stability that the knee had at that time. At one point in the examination he asked 'it is this knee right?'. I had used the same products a few years prior after breaking my ankle in another sport injury with similar results - I was back snowboarding and playing hockey two months after the injury.

Randy D.

Cell Fuel

Cell Fuel

May very well be Optimum Health's greatest moment! Feeding, repairing and multiplying your cells energy creators is pure genius! The boost of energy, awareness, and overall youthful health feeling is a completely amazing experience! Very highly recommended!

Brian K.



Opti Calm has been a significant part of getting me through this past month. Every time I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious about it all, two capsules come to my rescue. In only 10 mins or so, my nerves settle.  This is tangibly evidenced by holding out my hand and seeing how much less, if at all, it is shaking on its own.  It leaves me with a sense of Calm that I much prefer to operate with, giving me the ability to take on the tasks needed with less effort and better perspective.

Colette H.

Cell Fuel

Cell Fuel

Today I woke up with a migraine. I took a Cell Fuel (as I was planning to anyway), and two Opti-Liv Extra. (Empty stomach, because I'm a bad person who doesn't eat in the morning.) It seemed to take the edge right off. Not gone completely, but definitely way better.



Optimized Magnesium

Since starting the Optimized Magnesium (with 250mg of magnesium bisglycinate, citrate and oxide) my body is relaxed, helping my brain to relax. I FINALLY have proper elimination and my skin is glowing!

Pricilla P.

Cell Fuel

Cell Fuel

I can not thank John enough for this formula!  Being in the "older age" category, I took days to recover after only one day of heavy physical activity.  This scared me as I wanted to continue my current activity level well into my senior years.  When I took Cell Fuel, I noticed in one day an increase in energy plus I didn't feel burnt out the next day!  Also, within days, I noticed I was sleeping through the night, an improvement in digestion and less body pain.  Again, thanks for Cell Fuel!

Hope W.


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